Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stranger Danger

One of our allies to the south reported last night that the strangers were seen out in the open not far away from where our friends have settled down. I won't give location details (because we're pretty sure the strangers read this blog) but let's just say it's far, far away from where we suspect these unknown people come from.

One thing is now certain: they're definitely after supplies, and in large amounts. There is a fuel stockpile very close to where the allies in question have settled, and it is incredibly large. The Strangers (there I go, capitalizing the name. I really need to come up with a better one...) approached the area as a large group, with a dozen fuel tankers supported by twice as many armored vehicles and scouts on motorcycles. They hit a series of mild traps designed to ward off zombies, turned tail, and ran. Which is surprising for a group using so much military hardware. It's not like sharpened sticks and magnesium flares did any real damage to their vehicles, but they ran anyway.

Again, it's hard to say much without giving away the game, but now we know the Strangers are well-informed. They know where some major caches are hidden and they're trying to capture what they can, though apparently aren't willing to risk much danger to do it.

There is another such large fuel cache north of us, which leads me to mention a brave group of people. A guy by the name of Ketill is roaming around the countryside with his band of people, heavily armed but nearly impossible to catch. They're not marauders, but simply survivors that have decided to move about instead of staying anchored down. Ketill has been reporting in when his people see anything suspicious, and he heard of a group of Strangers turning back from moving through this area.

They were headed north. Maybe they couldn't handle the insanely cold weather up this way and realized it would be much worse as they moved further toward their goal. More likely, they spotted a scout patrol or one of Ketill's people and spooked back home. Doesn't really matter, I guess. Because put the two together and it's a damn good bet that they're after the fuel cache up north.

Tomorrow I'll be able to tell you more about that, because certain things will be set in motion by then, but for now I can't say much else. All I can tell you is that we've got a better idea of what kinds of things they're after, and now we're taking steps to...mitigate any potential losses. I'll know by tomorrow morning how successful that effort will be, and how much of an impact it will have on New Haven. Until then I'm going to try not to get very excited.

The insane cold here has had one excellent benefit: the undead aren't nearly as active over at the Box, which has allowed a lot of work to get done. In fact, this morning several of the lads working over that way had an idea: use the cold to create a barrier against the zombies. Since the fire hydrants over there are fed by the water tower, there's still plenty of pressure. Our boys and girls hooked up a few hoses and drenched that parking lot, turning it into a sheet of ice except for the narrow lane needed to bring in trucks.

I'm told people were betting on which zombie would fall first as they stumbled and slid across the makeshift ice rink, which ones would go farthest, and a handful of other criteria based on their hatred of the undead. I wish I could have seen it. Sounds hilarious.

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  1. I wish I could've seen that! Didn't even think about doing something like that for a defense. Hmmm, we're stopped on a small hilltop for the moment, might have to try it. Might make for easy pickings!