Saturday, November 3, 2012

Write The Future

[This is an out of character post]

Hey, all. I'm taking a second day off from writing a Living With the Dead post today. The last post was sort of a finale, and I feel like the news I have to share today acts as a nice break from the heavy content recently. I'll resume writing LWtD tomorrow, beginning a new four-day post cycle, but I want to share some exciting news:

I'm trying to fund my writing for next year. I wrote this post about it on my author blog, and I'll go ahead and share the link to my IndieGoGo campaign directly, too.

For those of you who don't know what IndieGoGo is, allow me to explain. IndieGoGo is one of many crowdfunding platforms that allow content creators like myself to fund creative projects by appealing to the awesome power of the internet. You may have heard of Kickstarter, the original crowdfunding platform. IndieGoGo is similar but much easier to work with in my experience.

The idea is that I offer you perks--in this case, the cheapest of which is six ebooks for $10--and buy accumulating backers I can reach a goal. This is an all or nothing project, so if you choose to back and pay with your paypal account, I won't get a dime if we don't reach our goal. You'll have your money refunded and no one wins.

But if we manage it? That means I'll be able to take a year off from working my full-time job. I can spend that time writing my normal stuff, including LWtD, and six other novels on top of that. Details are available on the IndieGoGo link above. You should know that one of those is a novel set in the LWtD universe. Many of you have asked me to write one, and if we can get funded, I'm going to get that done.

You've always been supportive and amazing, and I'm thankful for every one of you. The only way we reach my $20,000 goal is with your help. There are a lot of levels of perks, and over the next few days I'm planning to add more mid-level ones, including signed print editions of books. If you have ten dollars or more to spare, please give me a hand. If not, then please (as always) share the campaign with anyone and everyone. I'm already at about $400 in funds as of this writing, less than a day after launch. At $10 each, it would only take 2,000 people to get this thing done. Much less than that if people choose a pricier perk.

Give me a hand, and I'll give you stories at a sweetheart deal. I can't offer better than that.


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