Monday, December 24, 2012

Fools Rush In

We have ourselves a strange situation. According to our...questioners, the murderers were agents of the UAS. They admitted this fact easily, mostly because we scared off the team that was supposed to pick them up from that house. It was join us or die, in their minds, though our people never made that promise.

Will contacted the UAS yesterday and they flatly denied it. Even if they came right out and took credit, it would be difficult for us to justify any kind of reaction. The Exiles were enemies even if we were experiencing a time of peace. It's hard to understand the motivation behind this horror. Was it a warning? Some kind of strange attempt at winning us over?

Whatever the reason, we can't do much about it. Hard to justify starting a war over dead enemies, especially when we only have the word of a pair of terrified murderers to go on. Frustrating but true.

It would be an awful time for it at any rate. We're still blessedly free of zombies and at critical junctures in several projects. We're on the verge of reaching a huge milestone in autonomy and industrialization. So many goals are in our reach, and going to war again won't bring those people back from the dead. All it would do is risk everything our people have been struggling to build over the last months.

Logically that makes sense. I even agree with it. I say this often, but it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth to compromise so much. Justice is a tricky bastard when balanced against the needs of several thousand people. I don't want us to risk those folks. They're family now, and their safety and happiness mean the world to me. Yet that angry voice still shouts at me to do something, anything. To make it right. No matter the cost, killers who would coldly annihilate an entire community unprovoked to make some kind of point shouldn't get away with it.

In a better world, perhaps.


  1. I have to agree Josh, this makes me sad in a whole new way.

    The UAS can deny this all they want, we had suspicions already. They have to know the rule of unintended consequences.

    We are what is left of humanity, and some here had hoped to find a way to bring us all together. Every community that exists becomes stronger when we become allies. Any thoughts of talks with them we had considered are now gone.

    This act of mass murder added to their 'demands to be in power' has sealed their future.

    UAS should be forewarned, there are many out here they do not know about, with resources they are unaware of, they will not take what we have built, and they will not win.

  2. Me and my small group are heading East, do you have an idea on how large their territory is? They may be reading this, but they really don’t know which route we will be heading, but if they do try to stop us or force us to go with them, then they will find out what we are capable of. By the way, Phoenix is clear of marauders murderers and slavers, also there is a lack of buildings there too...