Friday, December 14, 2012

New Condition

Yesterday's post basically explained to any of you out there who aren't on one side or another (or who were out of the loop) what the situation is with the UAS and the Union. Frankly these large-scale problems get to me mostly because I'm well out of the decision-making loop. I can suggest, I can persuade, but in the end I'm just another guy.

I'm growing more and more okay with that. Already this morning I've had Will over at the house, bitching about the turmoil among the members of the Union now that the UAS have made their intentions clear. The argument is that allowing them to spread out, even in lands we don't use or even want, gives them a stable base for growth. The UAS acknowledges that they can't deal with us at present. But allowing them to grow and put down roots will eventually come back to bite us in the ass.

And I can feel myself drifting away from the general vicinity of giving a shit. I mean, look, we've faced a lot worse than bureaucrats in our time. We still deal with the undead on a daily basis. Let's keep it real: if these people had soldiers enough to waste on us, they'd have sent them out with the groups trying to hoard resources, right? If there are any members of the military left with the UAS, and I'm assuming there are, then they stay close to home. Defenders of the nest, if you will.

There isn't much of a sense of urgency among the people of New Haven about these folks. We worry about invasions by living enemies, a resurgence of the Exiles or marauders, swarms of the living dead. Our leadership and that of the other communities in the Union are having a nice case of the wiggins (to use a favorite word from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) about it. They're the ones freaking out because some other group has set up far away from here and staked a claim. It's a big deal to Will and his counterparts in communities around the country, and to the councils that advise them, that a bunch of assholes think they're our bosses.

Honestly, it bothered me a lot yesterday. But I slept on it, and this morning it doesn't get to me as much. Yeah, it's stupid and prideful to think that a bunch of people with their heads in the sand have the slightest fucking clue what they're doing out here. I'm just not that fussed. They aren't coming after us any time soon. They are, at very best, a long-term problem. In the near term they're just an afterthought.

It would be easy to get upset at their arrogance. Hell, it was easy for me yesterday, and it still galls today. To allow that anger to blind us to reality would be the real tragedy. We're survivors, people. There isn't a single person among us that hasn't patiently waited in some hidey-hole while an enemy passed us by. We're better people than these folks imagine. We won't give in to a taunt, intentional or not.

And the cool thing is that I think most of you here in New Haven agree with me. No need to provoke the UAS. We can just live our lives and deal with them when and if they become a problem. If it comes to war, we'll fight. But until and unless it does, we will do as The Dude did, and simply abide.


  1. I am a Redhead, and live in a constant state of anger. These people of the UAS are cowards, and worse yet they think that they know what’s best for us. America broke down when the plague hit. Our so called leaders went into hiding, leaving those of us who had the will to survive to rebuild. I was lucky, even when I put a bullet into my own son’s head I still count myself lucky. Even as I saw the Sun Devils gathering up survivors and turning them into slaves I was still lucky. When I saw the Vatos Locos murder hundreds of men women and children I was lucky. I know how lucky I am to have survived.

  2. The Union needs to send the UAS an official rejection of their manifesto. As a bunch of useless politicos, they need to learn how to deal with the new world before they try to run it. They're zombie-bait in the worst possible way, they think they know better than those with actual experience.

    There is no Government but that which we build ourselves, with each community being its own country, having its own laws and governance, its own ways and means of defence and production, and providing for human needs and rights as they are individually capable. Each community a sovereign state, with the ability to choose its own future and destiny. This is what the new America is. Fuck with it and die.