Friday, December 7, 2012

No Child Left Behind

Brian decided to move in with a nice couple that lives over in the Box. I'm glad he found people that he gets along with and shares interests with (Brian has a great interest in woodworking and tools) but it does make me a bit sad that he won't be here. With Jess out most of the day planning the huge greenhouses we're going to be building in the old shops next to the Box, I'm pretty lonely here at home. I admit, I was kind of looking forward to having a kid around. We're basically working at the same level.

I don't feel too bad about the fact that the poor kid, having lost his only remaining family, will be safely behind heavy walls and doors in a building that requires literally no manned defenses at ground level. The chance that he'll lose one of his adoptive parents in his new home, at least to zombies, is slim.

Because those fuckers are hitting us hard right now. Rain came in a few days ago and brought a warm front with it. Not balmy swimsuit weather, exactly, but nowhere near close enough to slow down the undead, either. Like much of the year they drift in across the roads and accumulate in the countryside until they reach some undefined critical mass and come at us.

Only now they aren't coming in waves. I guess the slaughter of such a large group has put the surviving members of that swarm on notice about how to attack us. Instead of massing and slapping us all at once, they've been organizing those among them brave (or hungry) enough to hit the walls alone. Except instead of just one or two a night trying it, there are thirty or forty. Which means a lot of successful attempts, which means a lot of people getting caught off guard in the darkness by hungry undead where there should be none.

So we're working on making streetlamps of some kind at least around the inner perimeter, and until that happens we're running a lot of extra patrols inside the walls. For now people are being told to stay indoors at night unless they have work, and children are to be kept from leaving their homes at all costs until sunrise. I can't help wondering, given the current level of danger inside New Haven, if it wouldn't be a good idea to move all the kids to one secure area until we can get a better handle on this.

Then the ice-cold practical me speaks up and points out that doing so puts all our eggs in one basket. Which is a bad idea.

Still, we have to keep the kids safe one way or another. There are just too many opinions on what the best way is.

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