Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ringing Silence

Something odd is going on across the river. We've been in a period of peace with the Exiles for so long that any change becomes more noticeable. I mentioned yesterday that they've been more low-key than usual, but this morning there were no guards to replace the ones who left at the end of the shift.

In fact, there were no Exiles to be seen at all. That made our watchers very nervous, so they reported it in. So far the debate at home has mostly centered around how we should try to communicate with them, not whether we should or not.

I decided to mention it here on the off chance that any of them over there can read this. I sincerely hope this isn't a precursor to more violence or some new subterfuge. It may be nothing more than a bout of the flu forcing them to button down due to a loss of manpower. I hope it's something like that. We're not in the same position we were even a few months ago. We have a lot more int he way of people and resources. I don't think it would be much of a fight if that's what the Exiles are planning.

It's such a tired line, but it's a little too quiet. So if anyone over there can read this, please respond. We don't want anything stupid happening because of a misunderstanding.

I'd rather not cloud the importance of this request by going on with a bunch of other stuff, especially my own problems, so I'll leave it there. A short post, I know, but important. Better to err on the side of caution.

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