Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Long Night

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because I'm bone tired and barely able to keep my eyes open. It was another sleepless one for me. I went out on patrol all night. I wasn't asked and I'm pretty sure Will is going to be angry about it, but we've had enough close calls. I don't want to sit inside my house safe and secure while others deal with the danger inside the walls.

Not that there was any this evening. The New Breed have an uncanny sense for when we're about to lay serious hurt on them. Maybe it's something about the way a few thousand pissed-off humans smell, but there wasn't so much as a sighting outside the walls all night, much less any attempts to go over it. Not that we could see. I must have walked the perimeter of the wall here in Central a dozen times and the only thing I saw was grass and other weary people.

Most people are running short on sleep because of the extra patrols. We're exhausted and worried. It's one thing to deal with assaults from a fortified position. It's another entirely to know a zombie could be hiding just around the corner. We've felt safe on the streets of New Haven for so long that it feels like a violation to be so...vulnerable.

But though the clouds overhead are heavy and grey, the sun is still bright enough to light the land. We can relax for a while now and try to sleep. But while I'm on my normal day off tomorrow I intend to find out what is being done to address this problem. We can't keep doing this. If so many citizens keep losing sleep and productivity, New Haven's functions are going to suffer. Meals will be missed, crafts will get behind, trade shipments will be late.

A few hours of blissful unconsciousness, and then I start pushing as hard as I can to get some kind of action. If no one else is willing, I'll step up.

Story of my life.

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