Monday, December 31, 2012

Will Of The People

Do you know what frightens me? A lot of things do. Only the stupid are fearless. I still feel it every time I face on of the undead or a living enemy. I'm afraid every day that I'll lose someone important to me.

This morning I saw something in a friend that sent shivers right through my bones. Will has always been in control of himself no matter how bad things got. I've seen him a hero, a prisoner, a leader. No matter what life throws at him, Will Price has always remained a solid rock of calm in the storm.

But dear god, not today. Not this morning. He came in hours before dawn--he sleeps very little--in a fury like nothing I've ever seen. I asked him what the problem was, and he screamed. Not words but a formless shout of wrath tinged with the frustration of watching too many good people make too many bad decisions for stupid and selfish reasons.

The cause of Will's anger came out after a few minutes. There exists a small town on the edge of the Union's territory where a group of survivors live. Their community is called Farlane, and this morning they sent a message telling the Union's leaders they were leaving. Joining up with the UAS. The reason was simple enough; the flu has hit their small community hard. Nearly a quarter of their people are sick. The UAS promises to come in and remove the ill people, take them back to their bunker, and treat them for as long as needed. Farlane has jumped ship for the well-being of their citizens. As hard as the pill is to swallow, Will and the rest of us at least understand that motivation.

Damn, it's a morale crusher. Farlane took a vote on it, sick people included, and though it wasn't a landslide the vote wasn't especially close, either. We might not like it but the whole point of the Union is to respect personal choice and the right to do as you choose without harming others. The people of Farlane have promised not to raise arms against us, but you have to wonder if they'll be able to keep that promise in the future. Easy to say now, but what if the UAS finally decides to come for us and tells them they won't get any medical attention or critical supplies if they don't fall in line? There are dangers to selling out, no matter how necessary you may consider that choice to be.

Today Will wants to organize a vote across New Haven (and preferably the Union as a whole) to let people decide if they're going to stick this united government thing out of free themselves from it. The UAS wants to drive wedges between us. The old divide and conquer is way easier when the cracks start at home.

Still, I see both sides of the equation. We don't do politics well, but I know that a decisive action is needed to weed out those who might be wavering and to reinforce those who aren't. People deserve a say in this, and so far the Union has been acting solely on the actions of the leadership of each constituent group. Granted, the people voted for those leaders, but the UAS isn't going anywhere. This is a major change in the way our world works. It's only right to give everyone equal say in how we choose to deal with it.

I know it pisses Will off that anyone would choose the UAS, just as it angers him that we even need to hold this vote. He supports the idea of everyone having a voice. Even in this, he believes in that right. No matter how furious he gets, I know that to be true.


  1. My group has already voted and we are staying loyal to the Union. There's no way we're gonna go back to working for those government cowards.

  2. I want it clear I don’t speak for the UAS or its policies. I’ll likely be reprimanded for commenting here as we shouldn’t stoop to engaging internet pundits, but I cannot continue to let the comments on this blog, which is truly a public service, go unanswered.

    We’ve been called cowards for staying in our bunker. We used tools to survive the same as everyone else did. We had the option of a safe, secure location and we used it. That does not make our survival less than yours and it does not make us cowards. We’ve been called arrogant for declaring ourselves the legitimate government of this still-great nation. That is not arrogance. Our population includes lawfully and democratically elected officials. We were chosen to lead by you in free elections and we will not shirk our responsibility simply because the world has grown dangerous. That truly would be cowardly. We sent our declaration as a way to foster calm, to inform that this time of anarchy has passed. Yet it has been labeled entitlement. It is not entitlement for a doctor to state that he will treat patients. We are bureaucrats. We can create infrastructure and policy. It is our skill the same as your blacksmiths and sharpshooters. And you would wave us away and deny our worth? Truth be told I thought people would welcome the government’s declaration, would welcome the call to normalcy and to rebuilding this nation. I thought people would want the UAS to take over the infrastructure and the rule of law, allowing you to focus on the skills you’ve developed: farming, crafting, defense. But instead the UAS been maligned and declared impotent. We make overtures of medical care to show that we can in fact create this infrastructure, that we can rebuild, that we can care for all our people. And what is the response? Implications that we were involved in atrocities. How dare all of you frighten needy people away from needed medical care because of your own prejudice against us.

    I’ve written far too much and do apologize. Not all us bureaucrats are demagogues after all. But I could not allow the insults against the UAS to go continually unanswered. The United American Survivors are here to aid because that is our duty as the lawfully elected government of this nation. And we will continue to carry out that duty even when insulted and maligned. God bless all survivors across this still-great nation. Out of the many, we are one.

  3. Anon, you should contact me. I'd be interested--VERY interested--in speaking with you privately.

  4. I would like to know if the UAS is denying all involvement with the Hunters. The answer to that question is important based on what our own scouts, and scouts from those we trust have reported to us as far as their movements.

    We still stand with the Union.

  5. They've denied all connection with the Hunters, the murderous guards, anything negative we've encountered.

  6. The comment below does not reflect the feelings of the Union or anyone else associated with them. It is directly from me and my group.

    Hey anon, where were you when all this started? If you truly wanted to look out for this great nation and its people, you would've been in touch with us however you could be. The group that I lead are all ex-mil and we've all seen how the politics of the "government" you claim to be a part of can be first hand. So, yes, we are calling you cowards because you chose to hole up with all your "knowledge" and wait until most of the dirty work was done for you.

    We welcome anyone that has been on the front lines of this great catastrophe from the begging as they actually had the courage to say "Something's wrong here, but we will prevail no matter what." The people that you are trying to "help" are indeed stronger and more courageous than you'll ever be. If anyone should be handing out help to others, it's the men, women and children of The Union. If you had come to them in the early days, things may have been different. Now, since you tried to force them into joining you, I don't see any way of that happening. We for one will never see you as the leaders that you claim to be, just another group of people that want to take what's not theirs.

    Josh, I'm sorry for this rant, but it was either this or me and my group take action. We chose not to stoop to "their" level.

  7. Anon, when was the last time your "elected officals" were elected? Because even if the former government were valid in these post-Fall times, an election would be overdue, and I can guarrantee that a majority of survivors (not the UAS) would not vote for people who have never been on the front lines of this struggle. In this new world, bureaucrats are as useful in the fight for survival as a pop-gun against a zombie. Why would we need your infrastructure and policy when we have developed our own to suit our needs? I have posted in the past about our right to self-governance, and it is still, and always will be relavent.
    How can you deny all involvement with "anything negative" when you have said that you don't speak for the UAS or it's policies? You can't. The "internet pundits" as you name us are the survivors you are trying to claim to rule, and are entitled to their own voice, in whichever format is available.
    Finally, there is a difference between sheltering in a bunker and retreating to a bunker. My family, our small community, and I have sheltered in bunkers at times, but we have never isolated ourselves from the realities of life as they are now, as you seem to have done.
    To paraphrase, you need to live a year in our shoes before you can understand what is needed. With the choice between possible medical care from a dictator, or no medical care and our right to choose our own future and destiny, we will choose the latter.

  8. It is said, that when the Roman Empire breathed it's last breathe and died, there were places in Europe that still thought it was strongly alive and that they were still part of it, for at least a couple generations, if not more. Just as the Dark Ages of the past, humanity has hit a new one and a new Renaissance is being born. It is slow and painful, as any birth would be. The US, UK, Russia, China, ANY country of a couple yrs ago before this plague, and their governments, they are long gone and now reside in history books.

    If you people were the "wonderful and heroic" politicians and people you claim to be, you would never have ran and hid these past years. You would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us, and fought for everything you have, just as we have. You would have lost much, but in this loose, you would have grown as a human being, been respected and heard as the leaders your try to make yourself to be now. I would rather die a hard fought free life with danger on my doorstep than submit to false leaders of a long dead dynasty.

    "Give me freedom or give me death!"

    Joss, know that my little group, though we are on the opposite side of the country, stand behind you and the Union. And there are several other groups I have spoken with, that we trade/work with, that stand behind you too.

    -Sleepless in Seattle

  9. Thanks for that answer Josh, and yes we stand more than ever with the Union. The UAS are not telling the truth.