Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Words don't have to be eloquent or creative to have power. Say the simplest words in the right situation and they can be the line between life and death. Things is, those words can push either way.

This morning I'm thinking about words a lot. Especially my own. When I started this blog, the idea was to track what I thought might be a temporary situation. I wanted to give people some idea of what was going on and perhaps create a stable reference point for them. I started dispensing advice and ideas.

Saying something as simple as, "Shoot the zombie in the head" can save a life. It creates context for the person who hears it. Suddenly you have a frame by which to judge the shambling corpse in front of you and what means are at your disposal to stay safe.

Words can inform. They can inspire. They can make you love, make you hate, even create trust.

I've been writing this blog for a long time now. I have informed, inspired, and all the rest. I know that at times the things I've revealed have caused hardship far beyond the ever-present threat of the undead, but I've always considered myself a positive influence.

My words have done a lot, I can say that without ego or bragging. But my worst error is not seeing the above before now. I didn't understand that people listened to me and believed in me. I realized today that my worst sin was using my words to create trust. At least in that people trust me and I didn't comprehend how deep it went.

Enough putting it off.

My last post was the final straw for some people. My anger resonated with more than a few, and as a consequence an even dozen people left this morning. They wanted to go after the UAS for the deaths of the Exiles. There was a huge fight about it between them and the council. The dissenters wanted backing from our government to send people against the UAS. You can imagine how that went over.

I was called in about it, and when the dissenters asked for me to put in my two cents, I had to be honest. I couldn't agree with what they proposed no matter how much I wanted to. Choosing to attack the UAS would be too damaging for us to deal with. It would mean war on a scale none of us have any capacity to deal with.

They felt betrayed and those twelve people disavowed their citizenship in New Haven. They're leaving--they may even be gone--and they can't come back. What they do once they're outside our walls is entirely on them. As much as it galls me to do this, I have to issue a warning.

To the UAS: we will send you messages with full descriptions of these people. Any actions they might take do not represent New Haven in any way. They are now outcasts, and if you choose to engage or capture them there will be no repercussions on our part. By the same token you won't fault us for their actions. They're dead to us as soon they leave here.

Jesus, I can't believe this crap. Every time I've read a book or seen a movie and someone says something stupid and hurtful, I've thought, why don't they just think about what they're saying?

You'd think I would have learned that lesson and always remembered the consequences.

This is my fault. Maybe not entirely, but I bear responsibility just the same.


  1. Hey Josh, send me their descriptions and we'll pick them up for ya. I don't want anyone pushing any buttons with the "survivors" down south any more than you all do and will make sure that they don't start something that can't be finished easily. We're always here for ya, even if you can't see us.

  2. The world is indeed a strange say one thing, and do another is quite human. We do it everyday, for different reasons. I also have the same feelings that those who left do, but I choose my actions appropriately. We must make decisions based on good information, on our experience, and on our feeling, but not based on those feelings alone. I have feared for the future for a long time, but have had moments of levity, hope, & I dare say, happiness. I am worried beyond words for the immediate to near future, zombies not withstanding... Lugi

  3. Will there be any information posted about the method used for this mass poisoning? We all need to be warned about this type of attack from within.

    Was there any antidote for the type of poison used that we can be made aware of and have on hand?

    The more I think about this type of terrorism from the UAS the more I see taking any rash retaliation is not going to work. I honestly don't believe their denial of involvement. Still confused about the message being sent by such a vile attack and loss of life.

    There is a lot of unrest and building emotions in our group about this whole event and the future ramifications. At this point we have closed our gates to any new people. Sadly this will cost lives of innocents who are only in need of shelter and looking for a new home. Damn you UAS!!