Sunday, January 6, 2013

Across The Line

Over the last week twelve of the communities that make up the Union have sent out long-term settlers to man  the more populated areas of the border with the UAS. Up this far north (which is relative, of course) there isn't as much concern. Closer to the UAS central holdings in the far south, however, a Union presence needs to be seen.

And, in this case, felt.

I don't have a lot of information, but I understand those twelve groups have set up an equal number of outposts covering nearly two hundred and fifty miles of border. The patrols between those stations are both regularly timed and sometimes at odd hours just to keep people from figuring out when they'll be happening for sure. It was during one of the random patrols that our people caught a truckload of UAS members trying to sneak across the border.

Now, we aren't considering this an act of war. I've been told that I have free reign to remind everyone as often as I like that the Union isn't going to fight unless we absolutely have to. That's not showing our hand or acting like cowards. Just fact. We won't attack just because a hummer full of women made their way a few miles into our territory.

But in the spirit of keeping things short and to the point, I'll just skip ahead and say this: they aren't coming back. They're alive, of course, but not free. They came straight into our land at nearly a right angle to the line of the border. It was intentional. So, they're prisoners.

There's not much else in the way of news (that I'm free to share) but then, given we now have UAS prisoners, I imagine a short post will be all the news anyone can handle. Some will call for a fight on both sides. People will let themselves get riled up. No matter how insistent those voices become, the Union will not blink. If disaster follows this, it won't be because we started it.

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  1. Ugh...this is going to get messy. You should just build a giant catapult and shoot them back over the border.