Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are immutable laws in the universe. Newton--probably the most intelligent human being to ever live, and I'll argue that to the end of time--knew this and even sussed out the physical laws. I've mentioned them before, but today I'm again reminded of equal and opposite reactions.

It's January the twelfth, and it should be cold enough to freeze our blood. Instead it's currently fifty-seven degrees outside, and the local zombie population is reminding us that Karma is a bitch. It would be one thing if the New Breed and their old school cronies were hitting us at one point, even a weak point, but they aren't. They're being slow and cautious in some spots as they wiggle through the buffer, and dangerously reckless in others where the buffer is weak or nonexistent. There are portions of the wall they can climb. There are places they can't get any purchase.

There are more than a thousand of them, so there isn't much of New Haven's main parts they aren't testing. All of that would be pretty easy to manage and not all that worthy of mention if they weren't also using weapons. Rocks, branches, pieces of asphalt, pretty much anything they can get a hold of is being chucked at our defenders. They're organized--very organized--and are making a good show. Many of them are getting through the buffer because of the hail of projectiles raining down on our people, distracting them and keeping them from being able to maintain a constant presence on the wall. Those undead doing the throwing are being constantly resupplied by other zombies acting as runners.

If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say this has been a long time coming. It was obviously planned, and while we've known for a long while now that the New Breed have superior mental abilities in comparison to the original recipe zombies, complex plans like today's attack are something new.

If I seem calm about the whole thing, it's because so far there haven't been any fatalities. Between our defenders inside the sections of New Haven and the ones running around picking off the enemy outside, we're doing fine. I'm off pretty much right now to do my part for a few hours. We're all rotating in and out until the danger is gone. I may post again later if anything major changes.

Or not, if it's so major I don't have time...


  1. The obvious evolutionary developments of the new breed is what we survivors need to focus on and try to understand, NOT who gets to play at being boss. Politics pretty near ruined our former nation. Every one seemed to be in it for themselves and flaunted the "I can do this because I am..." mentalities. Our founding Fathers had a different idea of democracy than what it actually evolved into. What is the most important thing today... right here, right now? Who gets to be leader or surviving and destoying the common threat? If the uas has scientists hidden away in the bunkers, are they trying to find effective solutions? Are there any scientists anywhere working on trying tofigure out the physiological make up of the undead, trying to discover what will help us survive, what will irradicate the undead? Survivors struggle to survive. Survivors have evolved to beat the undead. Every time we evolve and change our approach, the new breed evolves to counter our attacks. When will it stop! We don't need another debilitating enemy...not when we have the zombies!

  2. Lets just hope they don't learn how to use guns. Then we'd REALLY be in trouble!

  3. I'm not a scientist but I'm sure the UAS has them. What I wonder is if they haven't been playing with the undead. Just a thought.

    1. Hmm... I wonder if they may be trying to control the undead to use as a new "weapon" in order to ge what they think is theirs.

    2. That's a scary thought. Why didn't my team think of that?