Monday, January 7, 2013


As expected, we got a lot of messages from the UAS yesterday. Most of them were filled with the headache-inducing bullshit legalese we thought was left behind when the dead rose up to devour the living. Stuff about their charter (a sort of constitution that they use like politicians before used the US constitution--in any way that benefits them at the moment) and how according to their rules we were keeping their citizens unlawfully. There are actually a few lawyers here, since the apocalypse apparently couldn't wipe them all out, and their opinion is that the UAS sees us as a rogue state and that they have zero recognition of us in a legal sense.

In other words, we're outlaws who kidnapped their people. I also get the sense that they're flooding our inbox with such a volume of ponderous rhetorical bullshit because they're embarrassed their people got caught crossing the border. They knew the deal and sent untrained women into danger.

I know that last bit might come off as sexist, but it really isn't. The frank biological truth of the world as it is now is that women are more important to the human race than men. I've got no problem with females fighting or doing any job a man can do, but without enough women our species is pretty much fucked. So why risk them on something like this? It was doomed to fail at some point. The direction they were heading was right into the heart of Union territory. Chances are good that they would have kept to the roads clear enough to travel on, which are the same ones we use to shuffle goods from one place to another.

We'd have caught them eventually. Which is why it's wasteful and stupid. These weren't trained soldiers, mind you. The six of them in that Hummer were only a few months removed from living safely underground. Before The Fall, two of them were congressional aides, one a business manager, one a park ranger, and the other two accountants from some big agency. All of them friends from the same area, which makes sense given how localized the evacuations for the bunkers must have been. You can only take so many, after all.

They can't tell us what the mission was. Not because they don't want to, but because they don't have any idea. They were given a location to drive to and instructions to wait for a set amount of time for some kind of signal, then to return home. My guess is another agent like the bastards that killed the Exiles, but the ladies in the truck have no idea who it was.

All told it was a badly planned and clumsy idea. If nothing else it cost the UAS a carload of citizens who were wives and mothers to people they left behind and useful members of their community in their respective jobs. I have a problem with suicide missions, which this would have been if we were as barbaric as the UAS seems to think we are. And my mother, may she rest in peace, raised me to believe that women were the superior gender. Right or wrong that attitude made me protective toward the fairer sex, and this...idiocy is infuriating.

They will be relocated far from the border. These ladies will be kept together and moved to a community that can use extra hands. Treatment will be fair and they won't be imprisoned unless they try to escape, but they aren't coming home.

If you are a member of the UAS and can read this, perhaps you should have a talk with your leadership about testing border security this way. I can't imagine this having any other motive. Next time it could be your loved one who gets treated as expendable. Just something to think about.

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