Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Voice

Let me tell you: after all the months of darkness, doubt and depression, this morning is one hell of a bright spot for me. The voting results are in. Not only did every remaining group in the Union choose to stay together, but the vote wasn't even close in any of them. No single community was below 70% in keeping the Union together, and most of those who voted differently or didn't vote only had issues with how we should respond to the UAS, not whether we should give in to them.

The reason the vote took so long aside from the general problems with getting people together and counting them was due to a separate vote that didn't get cast here. That one was a surprise to me, to most people in New Haven.

That vote was for a leadership council. So far the process of managing the Union has been informal for the most part. New Haven didn't cast any ballots for this part because we're the ones who spearheaded the entire idea. There was never any question we were in to the hilt. Now that the voice of the people has been heard, we're on our way to being a single government rather than a loose association of groups. That last vote was for a sort of high council. People to set policy, propose laws and rules that apply to every person in the Union.

More than all that, it's a council that will be composed of the leaders from each community, and there happen to be an even number of them. Which means the leader of that council, a person voted into the position by the others on it, gets two votes to break ties. Want to guess who got the job?

Will Price is sitting on my couch right now, shaking his head. He has been there for the last hour, totally dumbfounded by how much his life has changed over the last few years. I offered to make him a congratulatory breakfast, but he said maybe being put in charge of this grand experiment wasn't a good thing. So I offered to make him a breakfast of commiseration instead. It's the same breakfast either way, but I don't smile with the sad version.

I want to go into all the details, explain how the higher-ups are planning on integrating us into a single people, but not today. Let's keep it short and sweet and leave it there. I like taking my day off on a positive note, and it doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Good to hear that everyone rejected the UAS. The real reason they're so dangerous, besides the likelihood that they controlled the Hunters, is because they're trying to pull us back into the past. For all its flaws, I did love our government. You know what else I loved? My family. But they're all dead now and so is our entire way of life. Nothing that we lost is ever coming back and pretending that it will is a waste of time and potential. Romanticizing what is already gone would keep us stagnant. The government is dead and the UAS is its shambling corpse.

    And I can't think of anyone better than Will Price to head up the new order and put that zombie down once and for all.

  2. Here here!

    On another note, if the Union as a whole or any of its members need extra training in anything relating to combat (not that we think you do, we're just checking) please let us know and we will be more than happy to train you.

  3. Been incommunicado cell service is really lacking in areas, still wondering where their tertiary is, and with that we'll know how much we have to skirt and possibly avoid patrols.

    Sorry Will for your promotion, the world keeps kicking you in the fork. Good luck and may the UAS catch a bad case of jock itch...