Friday, February 8, 2013

Deep Sleeper

Oh, Henry. You motherfucker.

Here's a thing that scares the living shit out of me: we got snookered by someone when we should have been at our absolute most suspicious. Henry--the last survivor from the murdered Exiles--is now being questioned. Whether or not he gives us any answers pretty much depends on how well he holds up after the horrendous beating he somehow lived through. There was a stabbing thrown in there, too.

Henry was trying to poison one of the large water supplies we keep underground in buried tankers. If your brain and mine work at all alike, you've probably guessed what I have. What we have, though it came too late. We're pretty sure Henry was always a plant, the lone survivor from a group of enemies, there to get inside our guard and wreak havoc within New Haven itself.

He's UAS. We have little doubt about that, though there is no real evidence to support the theory. Who else had the means to manage such a convincing deception? Who else had the motive? Henry wasn't faking being poisoned, either; it had to convince our own medical people. It was a huge risk to take, but it nearly worked. If it hadn't been for one of our guards having to go take a leak when he did, Henry would have managed it.

He asked permission to go work across the river a few days ago. Said the exercise would be good for him, and working through the rubble would help him deal with the loss of his friends. In reality he was sneaking around gathering supplies for this little caper, which he must have brought back with him under his clothes.

Henry was a sleeper agent, a deep one. He watched our guards, mapping the patterns of their rounds and making sure he had access to the water supplies. One guard with a small bladder ruined his plans, and thank god for that. The cistern Henry was trying to poison is a grandfather point: it's at the top of the hill and feeds down into the rest of Central and West. Five hundred people drink that water in a given day. I don't know how much the dilution would have mattered, but I'm really glad none of us had to find out firsthand.

What disturbs me almost as much as the attempt itself is what it says about the UAS. We're placing the blame on them because it makes sense, but I admit the possibility they aren't behind it. However, we have to go forward under that assumption because no other explanation works nearly as well.

If they're willing to use these kinds of tactics, what must life under their system be like? No one asked them to come out of their holes with a hard-on for rule. They started this by striking out at the helpless, by raiding for supplies inside our territory. They're willing to kill indiscriminately, taking innocents along with combatants? When we didn't even start the conflict?

As a psychological tactic, Henry's actions worked like a charm. Now we really are spending a lot of time and effort worrying over what may come next.


  1. Hi, we here at New Sunderland have voted to join the Union after this last act by the UAS. All our armed forces are now at the disposal of the Union, our troops already in theatre will now follow all orders from Union officers, our reserves are ready to be called up, every weapon at our disposal will now be released.

  2. So that's how they wanna play huh? Ok, challenge accepted. Better bring your game on UAS.

  3. we are sitting off one of the keys , just read this my group, Jarhead and a few other of my crew are calling for a party to head back and show them what a group of man hunters know.

    nearly all of us on the boats have experience hunting assholes like them, and after burning Phoenix to the ground we know that if there is a heaven we will not be getting in.

    I am in a quandary, I stay with the group or do I go back to what is clearly suicide.there is no redemption for me, but as I look at my son I cannot allow threats to him exist.

    We don't have the fuel to make it up the east coast... navgas isn't exactly abundant at the moment.

    We are crunching numbers and trying to make a decision. If we change our plans would you accept my family into New Haven?

    We know that the Man Hunters will not be welcome, and yes I am one. My Lady is crying Havoc and letting slip the dogs of war.

  4. If they cannot get into New Haven, we have a place for them in New Sunderland and the rest of you are welcome after the Union win the war!

  5. was the poison he brought back to use in New Haven the same as the one used to kill the exiles?

  6. We weren't Marauders, we hunted slavers and rapists our tactics were brutally efficient, our ability to make war upon those whom we declared an enemy has now been increased to no end.

    If the Union would be willing to send a convoy south to pick up the Ma-Duce and all the ammo that we have as well water 240bravos. And the 12 children and those who are unwilling to fight.

    1. I will send an escort package to your location to pick up everyone and your gear. If you want to leave the children at New Haven, you'll have to talk to them, but as for the rest of the Manhunters we could use you in our ranks.

  7. contact me