Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Victim Zero (Again)

[This is an out of character post]

Today 'Beckley' posted on the blog, leaving me free to do some other stuff. I'm working hard on 'Next' and am planning to rewrite some of the early bits of 'Victim Zero' today--early bits being all I have so far. Both books are coming along, and I'm hoping to have the first draft of 'Next' done by mid-April.

But as you may have noticed on the Living With the Dead website, there is a widget to the right for the 'Victim Zero' campaign on IndieGoGo. There are 52 days left as of this writing, and we're currently at $646 of the $5,000 goal. At the $1,000 mark I will host an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit for at least two hours, and as an extra incentive I will offer to do a Google Hangout as well.

If you can't back the Victim Zero Campaign with money, that's okay. Going to the link and sharing the campaign page, telling your friends about it, or generally spreading the word will help, too. Remember, backing the project nets you some cool stuff. I'd love to see some forward action over the next few weeks. I *really* want to host the AMA and Hangout, so please show your support.

Big hearts and hugs and whatnot to all of you.


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