Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hard Road

Well, you can't say we didn't give them ample warning.

The UAS crossed into Union territory yesterday. Because of what I assume were logistical concerns, their main forces moved in only three large groups. Two of those traveled through the vast area of burnout from the forest fire a few weeks ago. Reports are thin on the ground, but Haven's own long-range scouts are telling us that the main body of all three groups are currently stopped. Probably has to do with all the injuries.

What, did anyone think we were going to play fair? Fuck that. These people have enough gear to shell our communities into dust around us. This isn't politics for the Union, or a game about who gets to be in control. From our point of view it's all about survival, plain and simple. 

That's why Union citizens have been mining and trapping every road and bridge they could find for the last month. Becky and some other people versed in chemistry have been working like mad to ensure every group within the Union has the capacity to produce their own explosives, detonators, the works. It helps that we've got the entire eastern third of the country to play with, because we've also got a truly huge number of land mines and antipersonnel mines. 

Well, we did have a vast store of them. That's been somewhat depleted recently. Have a lot of fun figuring out where we put them, UAS. I imagine it will be like an Easter egg hunt no one wants to win. 

Pat left early this morning. I was working late last night with K, and felt under the weather this morning and slept in. I didn't get to see him off, but Patrick has never been overly sentimental. I know he wants to get out there and do some good, and I'm happy he's getting the chance. 

We've shifted gears into a full-on war mentality now. Jess is planning on spending much of her time out of the house as we start the planting. The greenhouse(s) will be restocked and keep growing food all through the season since we'll need as much as possible. Not only for the hungry folks here, but also because every community is trying to keep our own troops stocked up for extended time in the field. It reminds me of all the old movies I've seen about the world wars. People going hungry at home, meatless and wheatless days, weeks without sugar. 

I wish my grandma was here to tell me about those times. She was already married when the US entered the second World War. We've had to stumble and rely on knowledge gleaned from the internet and scoured from old servers, libraries ransacked for precious books, but I'd give a lot to have someone around who lived through this kind of thing before, someone with a lifetime of little tricks and shortcuts and most of all perspective. Someone to tell us the best way to cope, both on a practical physical level and mentally. 

Because I'm having a hard time here. I know that's incredibly selfish considering we've just been plunged into a war for our existence, but it's true. Will is working on managing an emerging nation, and dealing with the cold reality of the fight we're now in. Pat left to help deal with the zombie swarms down south. Steve isn't home yet, Courtney is but she's our diplomat and is busy at all times. Becky basically is our science department, and Rachel lives on the other side of Haven, usually keeping herself occupied with whatever it is she does on a daily basis. We've fallen somewhat out of touch. 

I'm not trying to make this all about me, but I'm at a sort of crossroads here. I don't know if I should do as I've done for years and try to record how the events around me affect me personally as well as all of us, or just stick to the bigger picture and ignore my own life when I'm writing. It's tough because every person (except for Big K) in my life is doing something important. And yes, I know that many of you would place this blog in that category, but I don't put it on the same level as designing a strategy to stall our enemies with explosives. It's just not equal.

Now that I think about it, I'm sure some of the people here probably feel the same way. The guy out hunting for game to share with the rest of us might feel like he could be doing more, even though his job is vital to the fabric of our community. The blog does serve as a morale booster, or so I've been told, as well as a handy place to get news. So maybe I can deal with the lack of friends and family, after all. 

Maybe I'm just off balance because of how fast this is all spiraling down. It's easy to get out of sorts when I look around and see the beginnings of a new world before my eyes. It hits me harder now because for the first time, we've got too much to lose. Running away as many of us did when the Richmond soldiers came here just isn't an option. The stakes are higher now, more than ever, because the only option is to stand. To win. 

Or to die for our home, if it comes to that. 

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