Sunday, March 31, 2013


I don't have much for you today. There are a lot of people celebrating Easter in Haven today, and it's good to see so many smiling faces. It's somewhat amazing to me that people living in a world mostly populated by zombies are still happy to recognize a holy day that emphasizes resurrection, but to each their own. Jesus came first, so he wins dibs on it.

A lot of us are having rabbit today. It's not because we carry some vendetta against the Easter bunny or anything. We're mobilizing our troops and packing away as much food as we can for them, so much of the meat we have on hand--venison, some beef, a good deal of mutton, and chicken--is being cured or eaten or packed away in some form or fashion. The one thing we have almost too much of: bunnies. We breed them (or rather just sort of let them go at it) and if we don't periodically thin the swarm a little, Haven would be overrun with the adorable (and tasty) little guys.

I'd say I'm nursing a pretty serious hangover, but I don't get them very often. I'm a little muzzy this...well, it's not morning, even though I just woke up, but we'll call it morning for me. Today was always going to be a last day off for a lot of us once we heard the UAS was finally making a move this way. Last night there was a concert at our little open-air theater, a bunch of people getting together and playing old favorites. The stunning thing to me was the emergence of new music. And I do mean that.

I drank too much, too fast, but even fairly buttered I caught the words of Les, the frontman of the raggedy band of musicians as he informed the crowd that their first song would be one they worked on together for several weeks. Even after the end of the world, human beings will still make new music.

It was a pretty good song, too.

Today we reflect and gather and grill food and generally enjoy each other. We partied last night, we'll spend today saying goodbye and preparing to send off more of our citizens. Tomorrow will be the first day of a long, painful war for all of us, but for our soldiers directly. I hope we can give them the best of sendoffs.

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