Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drink The Joy

I spent a good chunk of this morning over at the greenhouses with Jess, and a little time helping out at the Box, because manual labor is always in demand. K was happy to spend time working here alone, he even encouraged me to take half a day, saying I looked anxious and wild-eyed. Just needed some time out among people for longer than it takes to carry a message, I suppose.

My dogs found me on the long walk over there. Usually they come home at night, but with us setting up the perimeter out in the county, our huge pack of dogs has become vital to hunting down the trickle of zombies that manage to sneak through the gaps. My boys were running free inside of Central, and I guess they spotted me as I made my way through.

Yes, I spent more time than I should have rolling in the grass with them. They love to wrestle, and I always keep a snack, usually jerky, in my pocket when I'm out. It's been so long since I could just spend time with them as my pets that giving them a treat and tummy rubs was almost unreal to me. So much of my time is taken up with analysis of current events, looking at history, writing, collating, explaining conditions to other people, and dealing with the everyday reality that we live in the freaking apocalypse that something as simple as scritching my dogs behind the ears seems...decadent.

They went with me, running around like idiots and generally just enjoying the wonderful morning. I could tell they liked it from the vigorous wagging of tails and sloppy dog grins. Jess was less than thrilled to have them charging about the greenhouse constantly, but I don't think she was really upset. I could tell because of the cute little smile at the corner of her mouth when one of our boys came up and snuffled all over her.

Jeez, this post isn't as doom-and-gloomy as I thought it was going to be. I mean, we're in a state of war, yeah? There are people about to die, and many who already have in the west. Not to mention the UAS soldiers who already died from their initial contact with our traps, mines, and explosives.

But here and now, life is good. The day is crisp but comfortable, I had a good time with people I love. I saw signs of life, real life, as I walked to and from the Box and greenhouse. Kids playing in the street, families cooking out, children learning to defend themselves in a knife fight.

Okay, so not all of it was strictly old-school normal, but it was as average as things get around here. Life goes on in an everyday sense when the world gets more dangerous. That's part of what we've made here in Haven. We will tackle those dangers when they come, but we will drink the joy in every moment while we have them. It's a damned good way to live.

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