Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Close to Home

The swarm of zombies laying into us ended up being a blessing in disguise. We've long assumed that the UAS wouldn't try to strike at Haven itself. For several reasons; we're too visible, too easy a rallying point. Making martyrs of us would only harden the resolve of the rest of the Union. We're also pretty deep behind the lines, but as we all now know, that's not a hurdle the UAS can't overcome. The groups they slip through are small but effective.

Which is a lucky thing for us, because we never saw them coming. Had they been able to move a mortar or something with comparable firepower within range, we would have been in serious trouble.

As it is, a small strike force did attack Haven. Or, more specifically, they've attacked our storehouses. The old ones we don't use any longer. I don't know if they got their information from this blog or what, but it's obviously old and inaccurate. Haven is freaking HUGE now. We can store almost everything we need inside the walls. The attacks did little to harm us and actually let us know that the enemy was nearby. In the struggle of this war so far, this is almost funny in its ineffectiveness.

We do have a few talented trackers, and they found evidence that the UAS soldiers responsible hightailed it out of here once we got on their trail. I won't say that the experience wasn't sobering--if they'd have bombed us, no one would be treating this as lightly as I am now--but overall we're looking at it as a good thing. They couldn't get close to us because of all the damn zombies wandering around, but their pointless attack did wake us up, make everyone here in Haven more alert and aware. That's a good thing no matter how you cut it.


Well, shit. I was going to write a bunch more here, but K just answered the door and has a message for me. I need to head out of the office for a while, apparently Will needs to talk to me in private about something. Ah, well. I'll be back tomorrow, as always.

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