Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, it wouldn't have been the call I made, but the fighting has well and truly begun. This morning, Will gave the go-ahead to whoever is commanding our troops on the ground to commence the attack on UAS forces. It should be said here that the UAS soldiers were not actively moving at the time. That is, they were in camp, probably working on a strategy to get around the truly ridiculous number of roadblocks and traps in front of them.

Our people have been preparing for this for months. Every major roadway for hundreds of miles (and no small number of minor ones) have been prepped. All it takes is a small band of people in each area to set off the chain reaction of explosives that drop trees across the road in great piles. All it takes is for the UAS to stumble across a trap and suddenly they're dealing with bombs going off right on top of them. We've got many thousands of hands to do work, and the last few months have been busy ones. Quietly busy, of course. You don't want the enemy to know they're going to be slogging through paths peppered with thermite that will eat through the armor of their vehicles until they've already learned it the hard way.

But this morning was different. It was a slaughter.

The good thing about being the defenders is that you have the home turf advantage. Our scouts are good--very, very good--and they can mark camp locations with relative ease. That was how the people operating our mortars knew where to aim.

The UAS may have forgotten this fact, but just because we're not former officials like their leadership, all packed up with military gear in a bunker, doesn't mean we aren't resourceful. Also, we have literally the entire eastern third of the United States to work with.

I don't like the idea of shelling the living shit out of people not actively engaged in fighting us, but it's a distinction that doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things. They're here on our land and their overall purpose is to take over or kill us all trying. It makes a cold sort of sense to hit them when they'll hurt the most, when the resulting confusion will be at its worst. We don't have any idea how many of them were killed since our people hit them from a long way off, but the trails of pig's blood our scouts left through the woods will ensure an interesting day.

Because the UAS was nice enough to send so many zombies our way, we decided to return the favor. The timing was just about perfect, and even as I write this there are likely a lot of men and women cursing us as they mourn friends dead at the hands of the zombies we sent at them.

It was a massively coordinated effort, and it's only the first. Even if only a handful of the enemy at each camp died, the cost in damage to their vehicles and gear was worth the effort a dozen times over. Our scouts are watching from a safe distance, so they can only report generalities. But there is a lot of smoke. A few vehicles were seen retreating back into UAS territory.

Still, there is an entire army of them out there. This is only the first blush of what might be ahead of us, and I shudder to think of how brutal this will become.

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