Monday, April 29, 2013

War Machine

It's hard to know where to start. I mean, we knew the UAS was planning something big. The sheer number of people massing behind their lines total our entire population with change to spare. Heavy gear is being moved in, including what look suspiciously like giant fucking missile platforms.

So here's what's happening: our troops are pulling back. This war just hit a level we simply can't compete in. This does not mean we're giving up. It just means a different sort of fighting. The sort of firepower being brought against us now is enough to wipe our front lines off the map in a couple of days. I assume most of it was being held in reserve for an especially rainy day. It's almost flattering that the UAS leadership brought the heavy gear in so quickly.

So, yeah. A lot of our people will be coming home. A large group of UAS deserters will come with our forces. Men and women with families have been braving the lines for a few days now, convinced they aren't safe where they came from.

And honestly, we need the help. The undead are getting frisky all over the map, and the planting season is upon us. I don't want to sound like a whining asshole, but it's bad enough here without all the other stuff. Just getting by under the constant strain of fighting the undead is almost all we can manage. Hell, I'm still hurt and I've had to go out three times in the last day and a half. Granted, I got to shoot arrows, but still. It's rough and getting rougher. I like the idea that people will be coming home, even if it isn't all of them.

That's not to say I'm not worried as hell that we're having to change tactics so sharply. But the hard truth is that if we try to maintain a solid front, fight on their terms, we'll lose. A huge number of our people will die in a short period of time and we'll be left without an army of our own.

I can't get into the details. But I will say that the current strategy and tactics being worked to our strengths. I'll have to leave it at that. Cryptic and annoying, I know, but if you're reading this and don't have some idea of what that means, then you probably shouldn't know in the first place.

Goddamn it, the bells are going off again. Got to grab the old bow and head out. Keep your heads down and your chins up, everyone. This is far from over.

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