Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Any Means

[Post by Kincaid]

Well this is getting to be a regular sort of thing, isn't it? Posting twice in one week.

I know a lot of you are angry and scared. That's natural. These UAS bastards hit us hard, they hurt people. They broke our defenses even if it wasn't the disaster they wanted. Your reaction is the same one I had, so don't get offended here. Or do. It's whatever.

This is what they want. Don't know if any of you thought that out, but it's obvious. They want us emotional and thrown off kilter so we make mistakes. It's real easy to let the worst parts of yourself take the wheel. If there's anyone that knows that better than me I'd like to meet him.

Problem is that we can't afford for everyone around here to go nuts. All of us want to find the UAS if they're still close by. All of us want to put our hands around their throats and watch them die. It's an understandable reaction, like I said, but it's also a bad idea. We have a war going. Everyone needs to be on their A game.

So I'll make you a deal: all of you keep on keeping on, and let me handle it. Dodger is the man with the plan where defense is concerned. I help with that, but let's be honest here. I'm the one most of you hate or at least dislike. I knew there wouldn't be much welcome for me here when I took the amnesty. I know my past puts up a wall between us. Some people have a hard time believing I've got the good of Haven at heart. I get it.

I'm not making this offer to appease anyone. I'm going to hunt these men (or women, I'm not picky) down and capture them. I'm going to immobilize them. Then I'm going to ask them questions. One way or another they will answer.

Then I'm going to kill them. No trial or other niceties. Just dead. I really don't care if they're reading this. You might think me promising to kill them would make asking questions pointless. You might be right. But I think it's important to make the distinction clear between fearing death and avoiding pain.

Too many of you are distracted by this. It may not be obvious but I've seen enough to know you need to get your shit together. Little things like the cook screwing up the stew yesterday. One of the guards on the wall talking about the attack so angrily that he missed a small group of zombies closing in. People being short with each other, huddling and whispering in corners. Tension. Friction.

Problems. Exactly what the UAS wanted. I hope I don't have to say this enough times to get really exhausted with the repetition, but you people need to wake the fuck up. You've done a lot, survived a lot, and that makes you feel powerful. Better, maybe even superior. In some ways that's probably true enough.

But you react the same way other people do. You die from a gunshot like anyone else. Your skin isn't any more immune to the teeth of a zombie because you've made it this far. You're smart and strong and lucky and the problem is that you know that. Stop letting the situation screw with your heads. You all came through as bad or worse circumstances without losing your shit. Don't let it happen now. Keep your heads level and when you start to think about it, just remember that while the monsters who did this are still out there, you've got your own monster on the case.


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