Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fresh Air

There's a lot going on, but then there's always a lot going on. I have yet to hear back from any of my contacts in the east about Aaron, which in all honesty doesn't bode well. I'm still mulling over the facts about Patrick after a lot of discussion with Gabrielle and a few others on the medical staff.

Here's the deal: the planting is done for now. The next round isn't due for three weeks, when the current batch of seedlings and sprouts in the greenhouses are expected to be strong enough. Jess has been working her ass off all winter and most of the spring to get us where we are, and for the time being the rest is maintenance.

I make no claims to deserving any kind of break, but I'm taking one anyway.

The swarms of zombies are a constant problem but with so many people back home--not to mention new helping hands in the form of deserters from the UAS--we're covered. All our bases are covered. While Jess and I feel a powerful sense of responsibility to Haven and our people, the simple truth is that both of us are approaching burnout. We eat, we sleep (a little) and we work. That's it. When you're too tired to talk about your day, too tired for sex, and too numb from exhaustion to do anything but scarf down a handful of tasteless food and crash, it's time for a break.

Weird as it sounds, Jess and I are taking a vacation. Four days out of here. Not far away from Haven in reality, but no communications or contact. There are literally no problems so large they'd need us directly. Jess has trusted people working under her to manage our food production. And frankly this blog can go quiet for half a week while I recharge my batteries.

There's no need to worry, no need to fear. The wife and I will still be inside Haven's boundaries. Not within the defenses but well within the scope of our close scout groups. There's a little cabin next to a lovely pond out in the country, far away from prying eyes and swarms of dead people.

When I got married I didn't expect the need to be armed for vacations. Which just goes to show you that I had no idea what marriage was all about. We'll be back on Tuesday. Until then, be safe.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend. You and Jess deserve it.

  2. According to his blog, he is dead.... The girl he was travelling with posted on his blog, and was hoping to get in contact with you somehow