Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, until we get our trial or whatever it looks like house arrest is going to be the thing. Not just that, though. Jess and I were conscripted to help clean up the piles of zombies outside the walls. I would say that the worst part is being locked up in my own house, but really scraping up rotting corpses has that beat pretty badly. Even worse than that is being cut off from everyone.

I thought about it as I worked to clean up that horrific mess. There aren't a lot of examples over the last three years where I've been totally isolated from the entire community. Here and there, but usually only because of circumstances. Not because anyone was forcing it on me. I can't feel the pulse of Haven. I don't know how the people feel about what we did or what's happening to us right now.

Not that their judgment at all changes things that have already happened. I'm not hoping to use that sentiment for ridiculous political purposes. More, I'm worried that some might see our isolation and near-certain punishments as wrong. A few people have said they think we did the right thing. I've heard that much.

But if there's anything you should have taken away from this blog since it began, it's that whether you're dealing with living people or dead ones, there are always consequences to our choices. We did what we felt was right, even though it broke rules. We are willing to accept the consequences of that choice. No one need stand up for us or fight for some perceived injustice.

I don't have much time, just please everyone remember that we chose this. Don't go one way or another, just let the wheels turn. Things will work out.

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