Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Down

[Post by Kincaid]

Hi Kids. This post is directed to the UAS. I want you to understand something about consequences.

Look, we all know you have the advantage over us. You've got more people. More gear. More of just about everything except food. Over the last week we have learned quite a bit about your operation from the defectors who left your side. I've talked to a bunch of the ones that came here to Haven.

Oh, and I've been talking with the captive I took two days ago, too.

Yeah. His name is Mark. He was part of the team that bombed Haven not long ago. Wish I'd have found him sooner, and the rest of his crew. But that's life. You don't always get what you want.

Mark isn't, that's for sure. He's still alive, and based on his injuries I would guess he is not happy about that at all. I'm not saying that every UAS soldier that comes this way is going to get the same treatment. Obviously we just don't have the manpower for that. And to be honest I'm kind of enjoying my role as the resident bad guy. I'm doing the job no one else wants to do. I don't like the work itself, but it's the funniest goddamned thing: I truly feel like I'm performing vital work for my people.

It's strange that I identify so much with Haven and the Union. Lot of my fellow citizens don't trust me, even more just don't like me. Former marauder, who can blame them? Weird as it is I do love this place. I find myself willing to go to any lengths to keep it safe. In all honesty I'm not opposed to venting my rage on one of the men responsible for harming my home.

Mark has spent the last five hours looking at a loop of his own intestines. It's tricky, cutting just right so you don't do any serious damage. Harder still to pull out just enough of the gut to really make the guy realize he's seeing something that should stay internal. Mark is talking, you might even say he's singing, and the information coming through his lips is good stuff.

You might think I'm going too far. Maybe. I'm going to keep at it, though. This guy is an enemy. He bombed my home. This is what he gets. The fucked up part is that this is the least of it. When I'm done--since he can't read this I can let the cat out of the bag--I'm going to make sure he lives. Not whole, of course. He's going to cause no more problems for my people. Maybe I'll take a hand. If I'm in a good mood I might just break all his fingers, but then he'd have trouble doing hard labor for the rest of his life.

What I'm saying is, Mark's getting off easy. The rest of you out there, coming for my country and my community? There are going to be consequences. You can be sure of that. Even if you knock down the walls here and scatter us in the wind you won't stop us. Whoever is left will make keeping this country a nightmare for you, every day of your lives. You will wake up to the news that some of your people vanished in the night. Or that your fields were burned.

If I have my way it'll be much worse than that. You might defeat us, but the cost is that you'll have to spend your lives hunting us down or never know a moment of peace or rest. For my part, I'll hit you where it hurts the most. I don't even need to say it, do I? You can figure it out. I've already got one of yours. I've spent a lot of hours getting creative with his skin.

And what I've done to him is the least of it. I'm saving my best ideas for the rest of you.

One down. Who's next?

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