Monday, May 6, 2013

Urgent Care

Yesterday it stormed all day long. Rain for twelve hours, sometimes so dense it became impossible to see for more than fifty feet. The remaining UAS operatives used that chance to hit us hard. This time it was by drawing a herd of several hundred zombies toward the hospital where we have a secondary clinic and a lot of people housed. The outer defenses are close to there, only a hundred feet or so, and the UAS blew open a hole big enough for several semi trucks to drive through.

So, yeah. The hospital is still surrounded. We tried and tried to get in close to fight yesterday, but the UAS didn't leave much to chance. Once that first swarm was through the breech they must have gone out to find more, drawing them close and pointing them our way. Our people fought in the mud and water, blood and bodies squelching in the quagmire, only to have another wave descend on them an hour later. We had no choice but to retreat. The conditions were just too rough, too dangerous.

The people in the hospital are safe. We're not idiots, after all. We made sure to modify the place heavily before risking so many lives. There are no entrances for even the most dedicated zombie. Every person that comes and goes has to walk out through an entryway that has three heavy steel doors in it. Think of it like an airlock system. There's only the one way in or out on the ground floor, which is part of the problem.

Safe, yes, but our people will also start to get hungry. Water isn't as much a problem since we've set up rain collectors that feed down the building into the living areas, but there's not a lot in the way of calories in there at any given time. Enough for a day or two, sure, but when the UAS hit there a larger than usual group of people were waiting at the clinic for treatment. More mouths to feed, less food to do it with, especially considering the attack came right before a load of food was to be brought there.

As shitty as it sounds, it takes a long time to starve. We've got people over that way right now trying to clear the swarm and seal the breech, but it's a lot of work. The current estimate is five hundred zombies crowding the place and the ground is still saturated. Fighting in the muck is a good way to get your head split open and your face eaten.

We're working on it, but it's taking time and caution is the word. Thankfully we're not stretched as desperately thin as we were a few days ago: people are starting to filter in from the front. Many of them will rest for a short time, resupply, and head back out. Enough will be staying to help out, though, and in the event this fight gets truly bad we can always call for help. On a good day in good conditions five hundred wouldn't be an insurmountable force. Just another reminder that no matter the victories we've had over the undead in the past, things can change in an instant. There are two hundred people inside that hospital right now. Men, women, children. They're not in a position to do much fighting, not without endangering the whole group.

It's up to us to help them, and we will. More specifically, I will as soon as I'm done here. My duty starts in half an hour. K has the truck ready to roll and stocked with enough arrows to last until our arms wear out. We'll get it done, God willing.

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