Thursday, June 6, 2013

Come Out And Play

[Post by Kincaid]

You might wonder if I regret hitting that switch and burying that weapons depot under half an exploded hill. They were our enemies. They were a strategic target. Do you think I regret it? Read this over again and ask yourself the question.

My part in our little caper was cut and dry. I wanted to help Josh get his friend back, and I wanted to hurt the people threatening the only home that would have me. Maybe a lot of you out there don't get why Haven is so important to me, but it is. I was a marauder, but they took me in. Aren't all happy about it. Can't say I blame them for that. It's home, for better or worse.

Now we're on the edge of the cliff. War is breathing down our necks like nothing any of us have seen before. The UAS isn't a far-off threat hitting our outer holdings. They're a hundred miles from Haven. Good roads and decent weather would let them hit us in less than two hours if they wanted. That's not happening at present, but it's a possibility.

Of course I don't regret. They started this. They're the ones on our doorstep. They're the ones killing everyone they can find and enslaving the survivors. They're murdering us for food we would have been happy to trade for. So what I'm saying is basically fuck them.

I hope they come today. I want to watch them down my sights. Any punishment I have to take for blowing up that facility is more than balanced by the chance to take down our enemies. I'm ready to die for Haven. I'm ready to kill to defend it. I don't make much ado about having to kill zombies, and human enemies are just barely above that.

I took the amnesty last year because I wanted peace. A community. Some kind of acceptance. I found it. More than I hoped for. And you want to take that from me? I'll die first.

And I'll take you with me.

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  1. That's right Kincaid and I will proudly stand by your side. We should all be brothers in this fight. Kincaid I will call you brother.