Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stand Tall

[Post by Kincaid]

Josh is down. This morning a surprise push by a big group of UAS soldiers hit the camp he was staying in. Jess made it out okay. There were several deaths, people I don't know by name. Josh was hit several times. Rifle fire. He's in surgery now, but Phil says it doesn't look promising.

Truth is, we'd have taken a lot worse but for one thing. Something I never expected I'd see. It was the defectors from the UAS, all the ones we've allowed to live close by since they gave up the fighting. They walked onto the battlefield from the side, hands all raised up. Not a weapon to be seen. I was there, out in the distance. I watched them move toward the UAS forces.

They talked. It was only after the UAS was pushed back that I found out what they said. Those men and women left the war because they didn't want to kill people who'd done them no wrong. A few came here afterward to explain. They approached our enemy to tell them how we'd treated them. Fair. With reasonable trust if wary of tricks. How we punished anyone who tried to give them trouble for prior loyalties.

So far no one knows if it has had any real effect. The UAS for sure didn't pull back early. We had to make them retreat. But the thing is, they hit us hard. Another push a few hours after the retreat could have done serious damage. They didn't. And nearly a day later they still haven't. They aren't even forming up for another attack. I know a good number of the defectors are still in the UAS camp.

If they're managing to get through to the enemy, well fucking hooray. I doubt it'll amount to more than a delay for us, but we'll take it. Reports are in from all over. The rest of the UAS forces in the region are coming here. Guess the local boys need help from big brother now they've realized we're not going down without ripping off something vital.

I don't have many friends, but Josh is one of them. Even he doesn't fully trust me, I don't think, but I can't blame the guy. I am who I am. He respects that if nothing else.

They hurt my friend. He might have died while I'm typing this. I saw him as he was being hauled off the field. I'm shocked he even lived to get medical attention. You might have noticed, but I'm not like Josh. I don't forgive easily. I sure as hell never forget. I'll follow orders, but until Will himself comes down to tell me otherwise, I'm taking every UAS fucker out when the chance comes up. That's just how it is.

The defectors managed to take a stand. I'm thankful for that even if it ends up an empty gesture. At least they have some decency in them. That's why they aren't the enemy any longer.

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