Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I want to say the UAS is playing smart against us, but that would be a super lie. A large forward element came at us yesterday but didn't get within decent firing range even with their mortars. It's like they never learn  any sort of lessons. Did they think the heart of the Union wouldn't be protected? This part of the country is a death trap.

Granted, I might have made it look like we're in worse shape than we actually are. I might have neglected to mention the thousands of soldiers who came back with our people, stocked with provisions and resupplied from other communities. Camping out there in the dark, living in small clusters, just waiting for the enemy to get close enough. Laying traps, planning ambushes, and generally doing all the things defenders do when enemies are at the proverbial gates.

It's a hard life for those men and women. Living in the wild with minimal protection from the undead isn't the ideal situation for anyone, and I salute their bravery. Moments like this make it plain the Union has become greater than the sum of its parts. We grouped together to create trade in the beginning, but when an enemy powerful enough to steamroll all of us reared its head, we chose to become something more. We acted as one people, defending each other with the same dedication each of us show our local communities.

If this is Haven's last stand, it's a good one.

And make no mistake, it might be our final hour. There is no fault to be found in our soldiers or people where our defenses are concerned, but the UAS is now mobilizing as one. Not just a forward unit or scouts--the entire local force. Thousands of people, hundreds of pieces of equipment. The army can only move as fast as the slowest among them, and they're a hundred miles away through land trapped and ready for them. If they make it here today I'd be amazed, but I can't see it taking much longer than a day.

Our brave defenders showed the forward elements what the army in general is going to be dealing with. Not a rousing defeat, but it showed them what they're dealing with. You can only see your friends get shot in the head from what appears to be empty woods for so long before it saps your will. That's ignoring the explosions, pit traps, and general chaos.

This next bit is going to be the hard part. Maybe the last hard days we'll see. I don't think it will go that way, but I've been wrong before. We could still run if it came down to that, but I don't see it happening. We've built too much to leave Haven behind. Practicality is a wonderful way to survive.

But fighting for our home? That's the best way to live. Even if it means dying.

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