Saturday, July 27, 2013

Part of Your World

Hey, this is Beckley.  I’m in a decent mood today, so I’m going to just skip the usual one liner I put after my introduction.  Maybe save it for when I need to cheer myself up.

So Josh has made everyone aware that I’m the new Haven/UAS liaison.  He also said some other, really flattering, stuff and that was nice of him and now I’m a little embarrassed.  Like he said, though, there’s a lot of responsibility with this new job.  When tempers flare up, I’ll be the one with front row seats, expected to talk them down and work out an understanding.  It’s pretty daunting.  I don’t really have much to say except that I’m honored they’d think of me and have that much trust in me.  I remember when people were threatening to string me up from the nearest tree for being an obvious UAS spy.

So I’ve got that new job, plus my therapy gig, plus the luxury shop.  Oh, and there’s my other special project.  We all know that Josh is leaving, and he was the Haven historian.  Now the Council is looking at having people step in to fill that void, doing the stuff that Josh used to do such as amending the Survivors Manual with updated information.  It’s a big job to fill.  Josh was a bit of a Renaissance Man and had interests that were as long ranging as my…my...something.  An exact comparison is eluding me right now.  Anyway, I know that I couldn’t do that job, and they're not asking me to.  I may have a range of interests, but straight survival, construction, warfare, all the essentials, are a bit beyond my grasp.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I survived this apocalypse on dumb luck.  I really should be dead several times over (death and walking death included in that count).  I’m just not as good at the practical.  What I am good at is the human aspect.  And that’s been something I want to work on, on my own, because it gets overlooked by the historians looking to make sure the practical information survives.

So while I’ll still post my feelings from time to time on the world at large and current events and my new liaison duties, I will also posting on some of the human aspects of life here.  Maybe introduce specific people here in Haven.  I feel that’s important because as we rebuild and the generations continue, we will be remembered.  Even now there are kids toddling around who never knew a world without walking dead, without abandoned buildings, who have never experienced movie theater popcorn, music videos, or television.  We are the founding fathers and we should document who we are if for no other reason than to make sure that future generations recognize that we’re just as screwed up as them.  I always felt it added to history classes to find out that George Washington was a sucker for ice cream and pit barbeque or that Button Gwinnett had parents that named him Button.  True story.

So all this means that I’ll probably be more visible around Haven and on the blog for the foreseeable future.  If you like my ramblings, then you should be happy.  If you don’t particularly like me, then worry not.  Josh and the others you know and love will be posting too.

That’s all I’ve really got to say right now.  Well, except for this: enjoy yourselves.  Yeah, I know there’s rebuilding, training, and other work to be done, but, particularly after the war, it’s more important than ever to get some down time.  We are living in really exciting times.  Our new allies are settling in and we’re creating a new clan of humanity here.  We’re evolving as a culture and as a species.  In a twisted way, we’re very lucky to be here to see it.

And while you’re enjoying yourself, come swing by the luxury shop.  I’ve still got some sundry items of interest.  Yes, the perishable stuff is long since expired, but I think that just adds to the intrigue, don’t you?  Oh, and I am putting out an official bounty for anyone who brings me a Snickers bar, like, yesterday.  I will not continue this apocalypse without one.  I have soldiered on long enough.  I have some very choice items for trade and I’ll even throw in a Bazooka Joe for karma.  So if you’re one of the first dozen, bring it in, and claim your prize.  The rest go to stocking the shelves.  Oh, and I promise my body is not the prize.  Although I’m almost to that point.  I need my Snickers.  And you know you need it too.  The Snickers, not my body. Wait...THAT was the comparison I wanted to make!


  1. OK. I'll bite (snicker...snicker!) Who is Button Gwinnett?