Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The local UAS are staying. I'm not up on the particulars just yet, but the people camped a dozen or so miles away aren't just male soldiers like the old, old days. There are women among them, families trailing along behind, materials for building or at least for taking over a settlement, you name it. I'm not giving away any state secrets here. It's all over the place.

Not much of a surprise, either. Many people predicted it, and once the UAS realized our food reserves are far, far more substantial than their original estimates...let's just say a hungry man is easy to convince.

You might be asking if this means the Union is joining up with the UAS. The honest answer for the moment is that I have not the slightest idea how this all works. I know Will is still in charge here and the Union isn't going anywhere, but I have a hard time imagining men as powerful as the local military commanders are willing to submit completely. It's all very much above my pay grade.

A lot of people are wondering how it's all going to fit together. I'm curious, though not enough to go back on the decision to leave. The specifics are still pretty fuzzy, though I get the impression something like the arrangement North Jackson has going on is happening here. The idea that the UAS would be protecting us is interesting at the very least. I think it, if that's the case, we'll see more of their people retire from active military-style service and more of ours taking it up. An integrated force is the only kind all sides will be able to live with, much less trust.

We'll see. Or rather, you will.

I've got virtually no time today, so I'm cutting this short. K is nagging me to help him finish the survival manual  before we all leave. It's sort of our goodbye to this place, a last gift.

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