Thursday, August 8, 2013

Midnight Hour

What a long, insane week. We're still on the road. I'm only going to be able to post this because Jess found us a nicely deserted safe spot to camp. I don't have much juice left on my computer, so I'll save the details for tomorrow.

Basically, we got skunked. Ran into some trouble not an hour after I posted my last update. We had to make a run for it, and we ended up more than a hundred miles southeast of where we were when I wrote that post. That's a hefty amount of backtracking, especially since we ran in a direction totally unknown to any of us. The area is swarming with zombies as they move along the roads in a constant stream.

I can't say where we are. It's for our own safety, you understand. Right now we're free of the undead and the pursuers who chased us from an ambush. We're okay. I know some of you have been worried since I didn't manage to let anyone know what happened. The folks waiting for us at our new place still have no idea as this cell transmitter is the one our new little community is going to use.

Hopefully we'll be in a better position in the morning and I can give you the long rundown of what happened. For now, keep your thoughts and prayers pointed our way. If K is right, we're not totally safe yet. They could come back, and I'm still in no shape to fight hand-to-hand if it comes to that. I have no doubt K and my wife have been running solely for my benefit. Otherwise I fully believe they'd have taken the risk and fought. As it is, we're running low on fuel and potable water. Food, not so much. We're loaded up on that. But things are going to get desperate if we don't shake the people following us soon.

If we run out of gas, the situation will become impossible. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

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