Friday, September 27, 2013

Bad Boys

Hey, it’s Beckley.  So I mentioned a couple guys last week who couldn’t get along.  There was also a group of UAS splinter soldiers who were found mutilated and a bunch of New Breed outside the walls.  I did want to give a quick update on some of that.  Let’s start with the happy stuff.

Jeremy was the guy from Haven who kept getting drunk and causing fights.  You wouldn’t even recognize him anymore.  He is thriving in his new position of unofficial teacher’s aide.  The fact that he never got much schooling in the World That Was actually helps him to connect with the kids.  He’ll learn a concept and get so excited to pass it on.  I was looking in on him the other day in a reading class with some of the youngest kids and he was beaming as he explained to his charges how the “e” was silent.  He was so proud that he finally understood what that meant and that he was learning to read.

Over the past couple days Jeremy’s punishment has been steadily decreased.  He’s back on full adult rations and allowed to walk about Haven, though he spends most of the day in the school.  He’s officially given up alcohol and he gave the Haven authorities the name of his supplier.  From what I heard, this dealer had a still set up.  He also had a mini meth lab.  I really didn’t think that crystal meth existed any more, given the fact that the chemicals and household items needed are not exactly in mass production.  This guy has obviously been running a black market of sorts and just collecting whatever he needed to make himself a post-apocalyptic kingpin.  It goes without saying that this guy no longer lives in Haven.  In addition to a black market drug trade, he was stealing potatoes to make liquor.  Also, neither homemade stills or homemade meth labs are the most stable things in the world.  Even if you don’t care of the morality of theft or drug production, having drug-creating explosion factories behind Haven walls is something we can all frown upon.  So he’s been exiled after a very swift deliberation on the part of the Haven council.  I thought about giving the guy’s name for those of you outside of Haven so that you can keep a heads up in case this guy tries to settle in your town.  But I figured giving this guy’s identity might do more harm by allowing like-minded wannabe kingpins seek him out and try to set him up in their own home.  I don’t want this parasite to work his trade again, much less be sought out for his skills.  The world ends and people still try to resurrect a dead vice.  It’s really pretty sad.

Personally I would have been fine seeing this guy executed.  I really have no time for people who can’t be bothered to advance the human race as we fight for our very survival.  All these pathetic wastes of oxygen do is resurrect the worst aspects of our dead society.  They’re worse than the zombies, in my opinion.  The zombies only ended society, forcing us to evolve and change.  These uncommon asshats are trying to recreate a dead way of life that was always harmful, even in the World That Was.  They can all go die.

Alright, I’ve got people to see.  I’ll finish this update later since there is news about the killers out there as well as the ongoing zombie fight.  Talk to you guys later.

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