Friday, September 6, 2013

Tomorrow Never Knows

Hey, it’s Beckley.  I won’t take up too much time since it feels weird posting after that finale, but life doesn’t just end.  We’re all still here and someday, someone was going to have to say something.

So Josh signed off earlier this week and while I know he will still post from time to time, I think everyone feels a bit weird about the silence.  That said, it hasn’t stopped anyone from doing their jobs because, as we all know, Haven still exists and we have a ton of work to do.  The walls of Haven are constantly in need of upgrades, zombies need exterminating, and while what remains of the UAS is basically impotent and not causing official trouble, there are still splinter groups out there.  Plus you’ve got your garden variety sociopathic marauders, slavers, rapers, and so on.  The world is a dangerous place and we have to give it our constant attention.

I think we’ve all started to realize how much we relied on Josh to shape this world we live in.  He’s the one who gave us new names and words like “smarties” and “New Breed.”  We use Joshisms every day thanks to his diligent work on the blog.  The blog was a sense of comfort to those of us who were frightened and alone, a testament that, yes, survival is possible.  To those who were already safe and content and distant from all these troubles, the blog functioned as daily entertainment.  A soap-opera in a world where such things ceased to exist.

We’ve all been used to seeing this apocalypse through Josh’s eyes and now it’s time to depend on our own experiences without his notes and thoughts helping us along.  Life moves on and it sweeps us along with it.  And whatever is coming next, I do believe we can handle it.

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