Friday, November 1, 2013

Peace for Our Time

It’s Beckley, but you already knew that.  I haven’t really mentioned much about current events.  The major reason for that is that I don’t really get kept up on the latest breaking news.  I’m just an average citizen and the sad truth is that I was always the last to know about everything even before the dead started walking.  So when it comes to news, I get it from rumors and observation and not directly from the Powers That Be.

The one thing that I’ve been trying to find out about is the marauders in the area.  And by “in the area” I mean some miles away.  They’re not across the street or anything.  Still, far too close for my comfort.  I’d heard rumors that the different marauder camps that had been marking their territory seem to have disappeared.  Or rather, they’ve been consolidated into one camp.  Probably by force, I’d assume.  I do know that people have been visiting Haven.  I don’t recognize them as any of the usual traders from the other settlements.  These most recent visitors are unfamiliar.  And they look hardened.  Stony faces and cold eyes.  I might not be kept up on what The Council is up to, but I can read between the lines.  A lot of people have started coming to the same conclusion.  We think The Council is negotiating with these marauders. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the marauders are here with ultimatums.  I don’t think that they’re even saber rattling.  I don’t even think they’re acting like marauders.  I think these guys are saying that they’re a traveling group that has settled.  Or maybe they’re admitting to a marauder past but saying that they’ve put that behind them.  Regardless, they’re here to negotiate for trade and goods.

I don’t think I have to tell you how badly this sits with me.  On the one hand, if this is what’s happening, I can understand Haven’s response.  These marauders have been respectful of us and our territory and they haven’t caused trouble.  They can easily say that the bodies they used to mark their territory were already dead or killed by the other marauders who they’ve now put down. 

On the other hand, these are marauders.

Back on the first hand, trade is important and it’s best to be on good relations with the people around you.  I get why Haven would talk to these people and agree to a tentative trade agreement.

But back on the second hand, these are marauders.  They can go die in a fire.

When it comes down to it, I don’t trust them, or any marauder who hasn’t clearly, clearly left their pasts behind.  People like the ex-marauders in Haven earned their trust.  These guys just moved in next door and are trying to act like everything’s cool.  Meanwhile it feels like the school bully trying to act nice, just so he can sucker punch you and laugh about it.  I don’t trust marauders and I never will.  I know The Council isn’t filled with fools.  They know the risks.  But in the world we live in, increased trade and the promise of peace is pretty enticing, no matter who it comes from.  I know that our society, as it settles and grows, is starting to change again.  I just wish it wouldn’t change this much.  Some things are consistent.  Marauders can’t be trusted.  Not now, not ever.

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