Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

Hey, it's Beckley.  Those of you here in Haven probably heard about the attack.  I've gotten all the information that I can from different people, so here's what I know:

Christmas Eve night a group of three (two men, one woman) were caught planting bombs in Haven.  One of the Haven guards who took the bombs outside the walls told me exactly what kind they were.  I didn't really understand what he was saying, but from what I could understand they were homemade.  I think they were a pipe bomb of some sort?  That sounds right.

Anyway, they were discovered planting one of their bombs at the food warehouse by none other than Santa Claus.  The people of Haven know that Santa stops by the houses with children and leaves a small gift.  The man under the false beard and Santa suit always wanted to remain anonymous but everyone has theories.  Anyway, Santa was at the food warehouse (probably to requisition some gifts) and interrupted the three saboteurs.  And that's when Santa opened up a jolly can of Krav Maga style whoop-ass.  By the time Santa's nearby security detail arrived on the scene, the situation had been dealt with.  (And no, I'm not going to reveal the identify of Santa, but it's easy enough to figure out who has access to food stores, has an interest in military martial arts, and has a security detail that would take it on themselves to follow him at a discrete distance.)

After the three saboteurs were apprehended, Haven went on lockdown until the other bombs were discovered.  Only two others had been planted and they were taken outside Haven and allowed to detonate safely.  The would-be attackers were "debriefed" and are currently being held.  Will Price and the rest of The Council are scheduled to make an announcement at some point soon, but I've heard a number of rumors about who these people are, and most of them agree that this group was UAS.

Yeah, remember those UAS splinter groups that were out there?  The ones that had no resources, no real transport, no real plan (no anything, really, except a desire to destroy Haven)?  Well one of them overcame those deficits and staged an attack.  The disturbing thing is that I really don't think we underestimated the threat of these splinter groups.  The UAS extremists are not organized and have no resources.  The fact that one of them got this close shows planning and organization.  So we either have a particularly cunning group here, or they had help.  From what I've heard, that's the general consensus, which is why The Council has waited to make the announcement.  They want to nail down who was housing these people, who gave them bombs, who gave them a plan, and who sent them on their way into Haven.  The best anyone can figure, these three either broke in, or they came in with the latest convoy from our new neighbors, the reformed marauders.

So that's where we stand right now.  A thankfully bloodless attack which may show us the true motives of our new neighbors.  We could be at war right now, but only our enemy knows that for sure.  I'll keep you apprised if I learn anything definite.  Meanwhile, everyone keep alert.

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