Monday, January 6, 2014


Hey guys, Beckley again.  The Haven council has officially made their statement regarding the saboteurs that were caught back on Christmas Eve.  The confirmation that these people were UAS extremists has been taken fairly well.  I expected there to be more of a confrontation between the UAS immigrants and the Havenites, but everyone seems to be playing nice right now.  The main issue on everyone's mind are the people in Connorsville.

Connorville is the town set up by our reformed marauder neighbors.  The Council informed everyone in Haven that the UAS extremists did indeed come from there.  We've been in contact with the leader of that town, but first I should probably say a few things about Connorville.

Connorville is about a two hour drive from Haven.  I really don't know how close that makes it.  I'm not good with numbers.  Less than 120 miles though, since you don't really drive that fast given road conditions and the potential undead wandering into the road, drawn by the sound of your cars.  I think I mentioned before the the core of Connorvile is made up of RVs in the center of a dead town.  They fortified the town itself, but are ready to retreat to the RVs and bug out if things get bad.  So it's a mobile, but still permanent, settlement.

The leader of Connorville is a man named Glenn Connor.  I met him briefly on my last trip there to scope out the settlement.  He's a slight man, balding, wears small round spectacles.  He doesn't sound formidable, but when you meet him, you know that's not the case.  His beady little gray eyes will bore into you and he's obviously very intelligent.  He's constantly planning, you can just see that.  I'm a good judge of character, if I do say so myself, and Glenn Connor is one of the major reasons I don't trust that the people of Connorville are retired from marauding.  Connor is cold and I don't see even a glimmer of a conscience in his eyes.

Anyway, Connor has officially disavowed all knowledge of these three saboteurs.  Oh, he admits that they came in on the last Connorville trading convoy, but he says that they were recent arrivals to the town.  There's absolutely nothing to tie these guys to Connorville in anything but a very superficial way.  There's certainly no evidence that they received any help.  For all we know, they did settle in Connorville just to be within striking distance of Haven.  They offer to help on a trading convoy, desert once inside the Haven gates, and  lay low until the time to plant the bombs comes.  It's a perfectly reasonable possibility.

So why do I feel so suspicious?  I don't like Glenn Connor and I don't trust him.  I can't shake the feeling that he's hoping Haven erupts into chaos so that he can move in and take over, claiming our resources, our people, everything we've worked for.  But there's no proof.  So there's nothing to do but wait.  Wait and hope that proof comes before it's too late.